You must have the following to receive a MHS parking permit:

  1. Copy of your current insurance policy (with the student listed as an insured driver of the car he/she is requesting a permit for)
  2. Copy of student's current driver's license
  3. Completed information sheet
    1. License plate number
    2. Make/Model/Year of car
    3. Color of car
    4. Student signature with date
  4. Parking permit rates:
    1. Full-year is $50
    2. January - May is $25
    3. Cash or check (checks made payable to McKinney High School)

Parking Policies/Procedures

    1. All students must have their vehicles registered through the school office.
    2. Parking permit decals must be permanently displayed visibly on the lower corner of the passenger side windshield.
    3. Vehicles, including motorcycles, must be parked in the student designated parking area located South of the high school below the steps. CAMPUS SPEED LIMIT IS 10 MPH.
    4. Students are not allowed to park in any teacher parking lot, visitor parking space, or handicapped parking space.
    5. Students may not go to their vehicles during school hours without written permission from their house principal's office or the main office.
    6. Students are not to loiter in their vehicles before or after school.
    7. Students should make sure that their vehicle is locked at all times.
    8. Students are responsible for all items in their vehicle.
    9. For lost or stolen parking decals, students will report the incident to the office. Replacement fee for decal will be $20. If student changes cars, they must return original sticker or pay $20 fee.
    10. Students must inform the parking office of any changes in cars and bring a new insurance form.
    11. Temporary permits available up to 5 days to students currently possessing parking permit.

Automobile Search and Seizure Policy

Permission to park on the MHS campus is granted subject to all rules and regulations of the school. By entering the parking lot, the person driving any vehicle is giving consent to a complete search of the automobile by school officials or police. If any person in the car other than the driver is the current custodian of the vehicle, consent to search is deemed given by the custodian also. The area of search will include the entire passenger compartment, trunk and all containers therein, locked or unlocked, and the undercarriage.

The student understands that driving to school and parking on the McKinney High School campus is a privilege and not a right. The student will properly register any and all vehicles driven to school. The student will drive safely and responsibly and will not violate any school rules concerning vehicle parking or operation of vehicle on campus. Vehicles found to be in violation may be booted and/or towed at the owner's expense. The fee for boot removal is $25. Furthermore, the student understands that school officials have the right to suspend or revoke the driving and/or parking privilege to, from, and on campus for violation of registration, driving, or parking infractions set forth by the State of Texas, City of McKinney, McKinney ISD, and/or McKinney High School.

Download the MHS Parking Policy
and an Application for Parking Permit



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