Career Clusters are skills and interests needed to prepare for a future career or occupation. Please enjoy what we found out in our own investigations from high school into college or other postsecondary education or training of our dreams...

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In a not so long ago past or maybe even last year at your school, students were given a "Request for Classes' form to take home to parents. A quick review and a moment of "guessing" by student and parents alike, where they are returned the next day for the counselors to input into a cold, uncaring database of future schedules.

Students are "required" today to seriously decide as early as their 8th year of school of what they might be interested in as a beginning career. Tiger Techs - SJMS Unlike their parents, whether due to a tough economy or saving students from countless attendance hours in unnecessary classes, students are required to choose classes for their four year plan.

These classes have the potential to provide dual credit in a local college which implies a savings of time and money for students, parents and their community if those plans are designed well.

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MEF Grant... thank you!
We gratefully won multiple McKinney Education Grants 2008, 2009 that help give our students the sorely needed tools to produce viable products.

We were grateful again in 2011 of another grant wherein we are working on creating a small series of videos. Videos about our students and their shadowing of their possible future careers and the wonderful individual professionals and companies that support the education of our students in North Texas.

Below is a link to an outstanding project called PBS Career Gates that we are considering modeling ours after. Even though not made in Texas, it is extremely good.

This website is an attempt by our students to share what we learned as we begin discovering what career path might best fit our desires and dreams for our futures.

This is an active dynamic website that is constantly changing. Please let us know if you have any difficulties in navigation within this site as this is a site built and maintained by our students. We intend to have future "Tiger Techs" to improve and change what we began here and continue its' development past our high school graduation as others share their lives and the resultant discoveries that they find.



REALITY CHECK - Interactive site to help to discover what career will provide the type of future a student would like to imagine for themselves.

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