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8th Grade
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8th Grade - H.S. Credit awarded if 70% or better...

Fall/Career Portals
Spring/Principles of Engineering
Fall/Principles of Informational Technology

"SIM CITY 4" - 2012 National Engineering Week Competitors

First, you make a virtual city, you listen to your "Simmies" complaints about city services, taxes while generating revenue opportunity for your citizens. Next, we find well qualified team members to represent us by creating actual scale size cities with actual technology driven answers.

SJMS Tiger PRIDE students entered the 2012 National Engineering Week "Fuel Your Future" Sim City Regional Competition last year at University of Texas of Arlington - Engineering Division.

These students volunteered, completed a application attained through research and development of current technology with their engineering mentor. Dave W. Clarke, ROW Development Manager, at NTTA and HNTB who came and spoke to us earlier this year and continues to work with us throughout the year.

Two out of our three teams entered from SJMS won the “Excellence in Use of Green Concepts” and “The Riskonator."


Two out of our three teams entered from SJMS won the “Excellence in Use of Green Concepts” and “The Riskonator." "Project Management Institute awarded the “The Riskonator” presentation made by Bhav Bhullar, Brooks Rhoden and M'Kaylia Howard-Vaughn. Significant supporting team members: Jacqie Dortch, Rianne Moody, Michael Holland, Tanner Kleppe, Adam Benson, Mahaganee Brooks

Excellence in Use of Green Concepts

NASA Mars Rover 2012

MARS STUDENT IMAGING PROJECT, N.A.S.A. & Arizona State University

We will be analyzing and projecting imperfections on the Mars surface and what could have caused what we observe. We relay and share our findings of our specific teams with the professors of ASU and the scientists at NASA. We anticipate working by SKYPING with other students in Australia that have access to their deserts that are similar to those found on Mars.


Ethics is more than a word... It is a mindset that keeps the safety of others in the forefront of everything that is encountered. It matters. We will be working with TTU in developing an attitude that promotes this concept within our students and others.



Students will be taking topics or concepts found in their core classes that students have less success with and develop a game to help repetitive learning for knowledge and comprehension. Fun with a purpose.

RobotixC at SJMS!

We had our first year in our new curriculum utilizing beginning Mindstorms Legos as our jumping off point in class and then in Engineering Club.




I.E.E.E. - USA presented "AgriCity" team members Gage Thomason, Trysten Soderquist, and Cole Duncan with a very prestigous award of "Excellence in Use of Green Concepts." Supporting team members: Erwin Guntermann, Trey Chandler, Kaitlin Wright and Grasyn Black.