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Senior Parent Coffee

Parents : the North Counselors will be hosting Senior Parents for a Coffee with the Counselors on Nov. 3 at 8:30-10:00 AM in G119. There will be a College Rep guest speaker discussing application process and a question/answer session along with Senior To Do’s List. We look forward to visiting with Senior Parents. Come and Go as needed. Thanks

Final Transcript Requests

Students requiring a copy of their Final transcript must make a written request to obtain this information. Click Here to obtain a transcript request form.

First in Family

The First in Family program is a tradition on the MNHS campus. Each year we identify students who will be the first member of his or her immediate family to earn a high school diploma.

Ten years ago, Grace Rivera, former MISD Spanish teacher, had the vision to draw our collective attention to this population of students. Grace was a first in family graduate herself and had an incredible heart for her students and for MISD. When she was diagnosed with terminal cancer, she chose to create the First in Family program as a part of her legacy.

Please speak with your counselors for details.


Counseling at McKinney North

Our Program

McKinney North High School provides a comprehensive guidance counseling program. This program provides individual assistance in a proactive manner which emphasizes the response to students' needs. The counselors of McKinney North High School offer wide-ranging information and advice on future decisions including college admissions, financial aid and future career opportunities.


The Counseling Department consists of five guidance counselors who work with students according to their respective House office; all four guidance counselors work with students in grades 9-12.



Advanced Placement (AP)

Pre-AP & current AP students and their parents are required to sign an agreement that outlines AP eligibility and standards. Click Here to view a copy of the agreement.

Obtain information for taking advanced placement examinations and the costs associated with taking the exam. Click Here for more details.

GPA Exempt Course Information

What is a GPA Exempt Course?

To encourage more students to participate in upper level courses and retain and recruit students with specific interests, MISD will allow students to apply for a GPA exempt grading option. To read more about the exemption Click Here.


MISD Recommended Graduation Plan

Credits Required
English 4.0
Mathematics 4.0
Science 4.0
Social Studies 4.0
Health 0.5
Communications Applications 0.5
Fine Arts 1.0
Physical Education 1.0
Foreign Language 2.0
Electives 5.0
Total Required Credits 26