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I'm Joe; Meet My Brother Joey

MNHS was originally named McKinney High School North. A group of freshmen from the class of 2004 went before the school board with the intent of changing the school name to something more unique.

The problem, as they saw it, was that they did not want to be "McKinney High School v2.0." To this day you can still see remnants of McKinney High School North around the school.

Class of '04, getting it done!

Kicked Ball

Girls Soccer won STATE in 2006 by beating Highland Park 3-0 in the UIL 4A Championship game.

We're Do-It-Yourselfers

McKinney North is the only high school in McKinney where the Alma Mater was written by the students.  The lyrics were refined during the first year and local composer John Wasson was commissioned to write the melody and arrangement.

Hum A Few Bars For Me

Mr. Nelms wrote the school fight song.

The song was then placed on CD and distributed to every English teacher in the school. During Homecoming week the teachers practiced the song with their kids for five minutes each day.

Pretty Sporty

Mr. Anderson knows a thing or two about baseball:

  • He was drafted by the Tampa Bay Rays in 1996
  • He was responsible for the "First Hit" in Tampa Bay Rays Organization¹s History (June 18, 1996)
  • He is the founder and previous owner of Frozen Ropes baseball training facility in McKinney, Texas
  • He is the founder of the Texas Spikes Baseball Club
That's Lovely Honey, Can You Turn It Down?

MNHS had the first four-year All-State Musician in the McKinney School District.

Yah, We Know Mike

MNHS has produced thirty five players that have advanced to play college baseball, three of which played in the college world series.

One former Bulldog plays in the Major League, Mike Bolsinger of the Arizona Diamondbacks.

Oh Mike, if you're thinking about it, the entire faculty of about 140 and a guest (280) would love some free tickets to a game. Way, way, down by first base would be one heck of a nice gesture.


Hooky Anybody?

There are hundreds of lakes within Texas but only one is naturally occurring: Caddo Lake

All other bodies of water within the state are man-made.

The act of "Playing Hooky" is to skip school or work for the purpose of fishing with a cane-fishing pole, bobber, hook and worm.

Playing Hooky is pretty much against every school or district policy we can think of but they can't take our dreams away from us.


Mr. Magruder is responsible for teaching Dez Bryant of the Dallas Cowboys everything he knows about High School Geometry.

Dez, see the note above to Mike Bolsinger about free tickets.

Call us, we'll do lunch.

It's Lunchtime, School Must Be Starting

For the first several years of MNHS's history the school was on a block schedule and school hours were 9:15 – 4:20.

Sad Day

On Saturday February 1, 2003 the space shuttle Columbia disintegrated on re-entry into Earth’s atmosphere killing all 7 astronauts aboard. The spacecraft debris field spread across several states with an epicenter in or near Nacogdoches, Texas and debris rained down on the city for a significant period of time.

Mr. Walker’s wife Lindsay was a student attending Stephen F. Austin University in Nacogdoches when the shuttle failed. She recalls that this small east-Texas town transformed overnight as hundreds of first-responders descended on the city.

Her parents noted that the sonic blast from the shuttle shook their house 200 miles away in Plano, Texas.

did you know?

Did You Know?

We just wanted you to know a little bit about our school, our city and the big state of Texas.

And oh, we almost forgot, how about some bits relating to our administrators and faculty?

Thought so.

Let's do this.


Dr. Westcott is a doctor with pipes:

  • She runs a Chiropractic practice as well as teaching full-time
  • She is the Team Chiropractor for the Texas Revolution Arena Football Team
  • She has been the Athletic Trainer/Chiropractor for both a men¹s and a women¹s professional soccer team
  • She has recorded background vocals on six different albums
  • She is a BMI song-writer, with three of her songs licensed and produced on an album

You go girl.

We're Very Forthcoming

For the first four years of MNHS's existence there was never a Homecoming football game.  The traditional Homecoming game was called “Forthcoming” because MNHS never had a returning graduating class until 2005.

NASA Called, They Want Their Stuff Back

The girls dominated the title and stage of Valedictorians for the first nine years of MNHS's history.

In its tenth year a group of male students constructed a boy using spare parts obtained from NASA and broke the epic win-streak and near decade-long show put on by the girls. Year ten belonged to the MNHS boys.

Girls - It's hard to argue with perfection.

Boys - You need to argue with perfection, just sayin'.

37 + 1 Reasons Why We Know How To Jam

MNHS has placed 37 students in the Texas All-State Bands.  Before MNHS opened, there was only 1 All-State band member for the entire McKinney School District.

New Rule: No Shaving For The Entire Season

The McKinney North Baseball team has been to the state playoffs 9 of the last 10 years, three times ending the year as one of the states top 10 teams.

We've Got One Of These For All Six Seasons

The Color Guard has six North Texas Color Guard Association Championship medals.  The most of any school in MISD.

We'll be adding another season soon.

The Country Formerly Known as Prince

Let's see if we can get this straight:

  • Mrs. Sandison's husband is Scottish
  • Mrs. Sandison's Scottish husband was raised in Rhodesia, Africa
  • Rhodesia became Zimbabwe in 1979 (it's a long story)
  • Mrs. Sandison is American
  • Mrs. Sandison the American went to Zimbabwe, formerly known as Rhodesia with her Scottish husband
  • While there (Zimbabwe) they performed faith based missionary work that was described as both dangerous and exciting

Not half as dangerous or exciting as finding these places on a map!

Braveheart in the jungle.

He Speaks Cetacean

Coach Benson played in the NFL for the Miami Dophins!

...and the weather was just terrific.

I'll Take “Boy Bands” for $300, Alex

Mr. Solano is all about that tren-ble, no bass:

  • He was in a Boy Band in the late 90’s called "TREN"
  • He ran the Boston Marathon
  • He was voted most likely to be a game show host in high school
  • He's completed an Ironman Race

Honestly, just when you think you know a person...

Cat People vs. Dog People

The student body wanted to be set apart when it came to selecting and voting on a school mascot. Choices were given that were "non-cat," the votes were counted and the McKinney North Bulldogs were born!

Great. Now We're Hungry

Ms. Burt is a beef expert:

  • She showed livestock in high school
  • She won her class in a Houston livestock show with her Simmental heifer
  • She won back to back grand champions with her steer in Hopkins County




The English translation from Spanish is: "goatsucker"

These fascinating, once mythical creatures have been talked about for decades but now they're showing up in video.

Picture this: a dog like animal, about medium sized, furless gray-blue skin, blue eyes, a chilling growl, whip-like tail, large ears, and somewhat kangaroo-like rear legs, extremely rare.

Animals of similar description have been seen throughout the world but sightings in the Americas are more common with south Texas being a particular hot spot.

Go to YouTube and search for "Chupacabra" - see if you can figure out what this animal is or whether it's a common animal suffering from disease.

Tennis In The Halls

In Phase II of the campus build out the tennis facility doubled in size and the upstairs portion of F-Hall within the Multipurpose building was added to accommodate growth.

Fire Alarm! Everyone Change Classes

In its early history MNHS was two schools contained in one building. Ninth graders occupied the title of High-Schoolers and attended McKinney North High School. Sixth through eighth grade were considered Middle-Schoolers and attended the Scott Johnson Middle School - within the same MNHS building.

In addition, there were separate and distinct end-of-class bells for each ‘campus’ and the SJMS kids were known as the Tigers!

This concept further delineated children by age. Ninth graders were only allowed on the south side of the main hall and the sixth through eighth graders were only allowed on the north side of the main hall.

How's That Working For Ya?

In the inaugural year at MNHS, Jay McGraw (Dr. Phil’s son) came to MNHS for an assembly created uniquely for him to talk to the students. At the time he had just written and published his first book and the PTSO purchased autographed copies of the book for every MNHS freshman.

Mr. DeMille, I'm Ready For My Close-Up

Ms. Burkart was an on screen personality. Not only did she have two TV shows in Denton, Texas but she also created the first Spanish TV show in Univerity of North Texas history and served as a reporter for the show.

Cricket, Cricket

Mr. Sikdar smashed a cricket with a badminton racket so they named him Captain of that activity!

Cricket, cricket.

Uh, having (carefully) re-read the memo, Mr. Sikdar:

  • Was the State Champion in Badminton for Gujarat India
  • Was the Captain of the Cricket Team for Pune University
  • Achieved the title of Salutatorian for his high school graduating class
100% Certifiable

Since its opening McKinney North has certified 364 nursing assistants. As of Fall 2014 the school is working to certify 51 more assistants with a 100% pass rate.


Swimsalot Holdsarecord

Ms. Sine holds several national swimming records and was a serious contender for the Olympic Swim Team.