Transfers for Children of MISD Employees


McKinney ISD Guidelines for Employee Student Transfer Petitions

Student Transfer Petitions Will Only be Accepted January 7 to January 21, 2013.

Below are the updated guidelines regarding staff student transfers. If after reading these updated guidelines you still have questions, please contact Administrative Services at 469-302-4208.

  • Employee student transfer petitions will be accepted during the designated dates only. If an employee transfers to a different campus or department, the employee may request a review of the original transfer request at that time. As with all transfers, the availability of space within the grade level will determine if the transfer petition will be approved.
  • The student transferring must be the child of a MISD employee. This benefit does not extend beyond the parent child relationship.
  • Children (Pre-K–12) of MISD employees are eligible to attend any regular MISD school, regardless of residence of the MISD employee. Employees must be full-time MISD employees or work 20 or more hours per week (classified as, at least, a half-time employee). Substitutes and contracted service employees are not eligible.
  • A petition must be provided for each student to Administrative Services and approval must be granted prior to registration. The petition can be obtained by clicking on the link above.
  • MISD employees are exempt from paying out-of-district tuition for their children.
  • All transfers are based on availability of space and are considered on year-to-year basis.
  • MISD will not provide bus transportation for transfer students.
  • If employment with MISD ends for an employee living within MISD, the child of the former employee may continue attending school outside of his/her attendance zone until the end of the school year if space is available. The following school year the parent will need to follow the non-MISD employee transfer process.
  • If employment with MISD ends for an employee living outside MISD, the child of the former employee may continue attending school within MISD at a school with space available until the end of that school year only, as long as the former employee pays full tuition and there is no interruption in attendance. The tuition costs will be pro-rated based on the employee’s last day of work for MISD.
  • All secondary transfers, (9-12), are subject to review by the University Interscholastic League, even though the transfer petition may be granted, it is the responsibility of the “party” seeking the transfer to ensure that all possible UIL ramifications are addressed. Questions regarding the impact of transfers on UIL-governed activities can be directed to the MISD Athletic Director.
  • The child(ren) of a District employee may transfer from the assigned campus in the attendance zone in which they live to a campus in the attendance zone in which their employee/parent works provided there is space for additional students at the requested campus. A student who requests a transfer under this policy at the first opportunity provided by the District shall retain his or her eligibility for varsity UIL competition in accordance with Section 440(B)(4) of the UIL Constitution and Contest Rules. 
  • Once a student starts high school, he or she will be encouraged to graduate from that high school, unless employment of his/her parent with the district ends and/or the employee moves outside of MISD.
  • The employee student transfer can be revoked by the school or district administration for lack of academic progress, if there is a violation of the attendance policy and/or a violation of the MISD Student Code of Conduct (SCOC). Once a transfer has been revoked due to a student SCOC violation, the transfer benefit is no longer available for that individual student.

The district policy on transfers can be found at: